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Rachel is a 17 year old girl who was caught in the middle of the protests on Thursday. Her full account can be found here, but here is an extract:

According to Rachel, after begging in tears to be let out, she and her friends got through one police line but were then halted by another.

“We were traumatised at this point. We were crying. We’d been hit by police for just wanting to go home. We were begging to, please, just let us go home. They showed no mercy whatsoever.

“Then we got pushed forward a second time and as we were going forward we were saying ‘please don’t hurt us, just don’t hurt us, we want to go home’.

“I managed to break away. I was pushed into a ditch by a police officer and when I tried to get out of the ditch he pushed me back in.

“I turned around to see a group of my friends on the floor getting beaten by police officers.

“I received a text later from a friend who didn’t manage to escape, saying that he was thrown to the floor by the neck. He was beaten on the floor by three police officers until he was throwing up blood and when that happened they just threw him aside and didn’t give him any medical attention and went on to the next one.”




Shiv Malik is a journalist who was struck on the head, then denied help, by police officers in Parliament Square. He gives his account here.

“Then, basically, a baton strike came to the side of my face and then onto the top of my head. Directly onto the crown of my head. I felt a big whacking thud and I heard it reverberating inside my head.”

“I wasn’t sure whether I was bleeding or not. I moved off to the side and asked a police officer if I was bleeding. But he just said ‘Keep moving, keep moving”. Then I put my hand to the top of my head and looked at my palm and I could see there was blood everywhere.”

“I then asked another police officer, who was wearing a police medic badge, if he could help me. And he told me to move away as well and told me to go to another exit.”

Denied medical attention following a baton strike to the head (familiar?) by a Police Medic. On what justification?

Alfie Meadows is a 20 year old student who suffered bleeding to the brain after being struck by a police truncheon. His mother can be heard here, while the incident has been referred to the IPCC as is standard. There’s little context to surround this incident, other than he was in the kettled area at the time. After a 3 hour operation, Alfie is recovering in hospital but his situation is serious. Hopefully there will be more on Alfie’s case in the next few days.

With a strike to the head by a truncheon the cause of this injury, it is a surprise that only 43 protesters were (officially) injured yesterday. It is also worth remembering that, while this is a footnote to the day, it is the most major injury suffered. Had this injury been received by a police officer, the coverage would be quite different.

Jody McIntyre (@jodymcintyre) is a young man in a wheelchair. He tells his story at his blog, which you can find here. The most salient information comes here:

From the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the policemen from the earlier incident. He recognised me immediately. Officer KF936 came charging towards me. Tipping the wheelchair to the side, he pushed me onto the concrete, before grabbing my arms and dragging me across the road.

Can any more information be shed on Officer KF936? Huge credit to Jody for telling his story so passionately and with clarity on his blog.