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Journalisted, from the Media Standards Trust, is a helpful tool. Using it, we can compare how many articles have been written about a woman in a car who was poked with a stick to a student in hospital who suffered bleeding to the brain after being hit by police:

Articles matching ‘Charles & Camilla’ following Thursdays demonstration: 44

Articles matching ‘Alfie Meadows’ following Thursdays demonstration: 14

Who has the responsibility here? Is it the protesters/rioters who attacked the car of a member of the royal family? Or is it the editors of newspapers and websites who decide to promote and publish articles that are more exciting, or follow the general editorial line – that the protesters were ‘feral’.


Alfie Meadows is a 20 year old student who suffered bleeding to the brain after being struck by a police truncheon. His mother can be heard here, while the incident has been referred to the IPCC as is standard. There’s little context to surround this incident, other than he was in the kettled area at the time. After a 3 hour operation, Alfie is recovering in hospital but his situation is serious. Hopefully there will be more on Alfie’s case in the next few days.

With a strike to the head by a truncheon the cause of this injury, it is a surprise that only 43 protesters were (officially) injured yesterday. It is also worth remembering that, while this is a footnote to the day, it is the most major injury suffered. Had this injury been received by a police officer, the coverage would be quite different.