This blog is an independent project aimed at collecting all available data on police brutality. It has begun in the wake of numerous protests in the UK, culminating with the disorder that was seen in London on December 9th 2010. While various media outlets and organisations have attempted to portray the events of December 9th, and prior protests, as examples of wanton vandalism, unprovoked violence and calculated criminal behaviour on the part of the protesters, this blog refutes this. We aim to collect all data, pictures, videos, eyewitness accounts and testimony from those who have suffered through exercising their right to peaceful protest. The main blog will have individual stories, some taken from press (always attributed), some emailed and some taken from police. This blog also aims to provide information on your rights during a protest, the rights and responsibilities of the police, and links to other organisations and blogs in the same vein.

As you will be aware, this is a large task, and the blog may look sparse while data is collected, verified and posted. We aim to use this blog as a tool to combat the misinformation surrounding protests.

If you have anything you can contribute, please get in touch: eyewitnessbrutality [at] gmail dot com. Please include everything you can, including pictures, videos and, if possible, police collar numbers, or FIN numbers.